Friday, July 31, 2009

New Items from SATANIC ARMY PRODUCTIONS available now!

We just got multiple copies of the Bolivia based label SATANIC ARMY PRODUCTIONS compilation tape including the following hordes: PACTUM, GRAVE DESECRATOR, SATANIC, MAUSOLEUM, LORD SATANAEL, AQUER, THY ANTICHRIST, GOATSEMEN, ANAL VOMIT, MYSTIFIER, BLACK KULT, AMMIT, KRATHERION, NEBIROS. Pure Southamerican blackness! Included in the package we also got several copies of the tape version for the migthy BESATT Triumph Of Antichrist album (Released by SATANIC ARMY PRODUCTIONS). Both tapes will not last long so be quick or cry later! As if it was not enough we have also added the debut issue of the US based ASTRAL CORPSE zine including interviews with: STARGAZER, GRAVEYARD, CRUCIAMENTUM, VANHELGD, KARNARIUM, NAUSEANT, INFINITUM OBSCURE, FATHER BEFOULED, FORCE OF DARKNESS, CACODAEMON/LANTERN, COSMIC ATROPHY. Plus some extra reviews and an ABSU concert report. The zine is 40 B5 pages (each page is around 6.5 x 9.5, so in between A4 and A5) and the text is 0.08, so there is plenty of reading crammed into those pages.

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