Monday, March 22, 2010

New item arrived from DETEST RECORDS / IMPIOUS DESECRATION RECORDS available now!

We have been on a short lapse of inactivity but we are back stronger than ever. Five new titles have been added to the distro list courtesy of Belgian DETEST RECORDS: SWALLOWED - Epitaph of nauseation - Demo Tape - 2008 (300 copies - SOLD OUT from the label), MIASMAL - S/T - Demo Tape - 2008 (300 copies - SOLD OUT from the label), STENCH OF DECAY - Where death and decay reign - Demo Tape - 2009 (650 copies - SOLD OUT from the label). France's IMPIOUS DESECRATION RECORDS have also provided two of the best tapes we have had the pleasure to listen lately: OMINOUS CRUCIFIX - Decadent Religious Archetype - Demo Tape - 2009 (Re-released by Impious Desecration Records on tape in November 2009 and limited to 300 handnumbered copies), SLAUGHTER COMMAND - Bitch-Instructing Lessons - Demo Tape - 2009 (Limited to 333 copies. Covers are one sided and professionally printed on gloss paper. The tape comes with a lyric sheet. The cassette itself has on-shell stickers) . Most of these releases are SOLD OUT from its originators so be quick or be dead!


Connie Tapia M. said...

Camarada, se agradece el enlace que has puesto de sudamerican attack!!

throneofmight said...

con mucho gusto!