Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New items arrived from DUNKELHEIT PRODUKTIONEN (GER) available now!

AD ARMA - Stalingrad Tape: Get yourself prepared for war ! Negativity deserved exclusively under the banner of primitive war black metal art. A cry in the middle of the battlefield is hopeless like you want to reanimate a sunken body. Look directly into the grim face of dead while listening to this war act worshipping the goat with their satanic armory. Limited to 500 cassettes. First 50 tapes come with a special anti-trend button that put modernity into mud.
NIEMOTA - Selftitled Tape: The atmosphere is filled with melancholia and hopeless despair when the music of NIEMOTA begins. Slow, partly funeralistic Doom Metal joined with a grey and sad landscape of Ambient that invites you to a journey inside your subconsciousness. With this unique, incredible and emotionally extensive atmospheric work, a path in hidden spheres is laid... The entering of this path can be only done alone. The tape is limited to 100, both side recorded, printed and welded in plastic wrap.
ORCHID - Monumento Suicida Tape: Orchid from the north of Italy could be the depressive but raw background music through a wandering into unknown sad grey lands. Original, cold and freezing Black Metal accompanies the sad and hate-fulfilled vocals to this unique composition. Isolation, melancholy and suicide are the component of these three moving dark titles, which give you a picture of hopeless and bleak views. The tape is limited to 100, both side recorded, printed and welded in plastic wrap.
VERDERBEN - Vernichtung und Vergeltung CD: Painful but redeeming, the cold razor opens slowly your skin. Despair and deep emotionless loneliness covers the thoughts... VERDERBEN presents the listener with their first album a immense dark and life-denying atmosphere. Nihilistic profound messages are welling from the wounds and link together with cold, incisive riffs into a remarkable work. Born from suicidal dreams and abyssal-misanthropic hate, VERDERBEN convince from begin till end. Humanity, religion and tollerance are killed mercilessly by negativity. Visions full of pain and torture who introduce the downfall...
DEAD - Hanging Illusions Tape: The temperature of a normal humans blood is warm. The blood behind the individuals of DEAD is ice cold ! While listening to the suicidal and supreme melancholic work of DEAD, a image build up from angst, helpless and life-deny materializes itself. Sad melodies from the acoustic and e-guitar mix together with the suffering vocals and the drums that are slow like a dying person which tries to build up a last time. A nihilistic story for the denying of life and happiness. A view on the printed lyrics of DEAD will teach you that their suicidal direction is serious and not a childish trip ! Very long dark, melancholic and slow songs with the joining deep lyrics force the listener to deal himself with the topic of DEAD: DEATH !!! The cassette-production is a co-release with the Mexican label SELFMUTILATION SERVICES and is limited to 500.

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