Thursday, August 25, 2011

Multiple new titles on TAPE / 7" EP have arrived!

PATHOGEN - Barbaric Desolation - TAPE: Unleashing 8 hymns of live recordings, rehearsals, rough mixes and outtakes from the infernal islands of the Philippines. An essential release in part of their 10 years of epidemic existence and still within its trademark of pure, filthy, cruel old school Death Metal, the PATHOGEN way! Done in pro-cover with full lyrics. Cover artwork by Aaron Manzano of Spikes N Bullets Zine. $6
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE - "A ticket to nowhere" - 7" EP: Kick Ass Black metal from Italy, limited to 250 copies! $7
CULT OF ERINYES - Golgotha - TAPE: Black Metal from Belgium in the spirit of CRAFT, BEHEXEN, MAYHEM, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, GLORIOR BELLI, handnumbered and limited to 100! $7
DÉR - Crust Falls - TAPE: Hungarian Black Metal, handnumbered and limited to 333. $6
VEÉR - The Measure of Waste - CD: Black Metal filth in the vein of HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST. $12

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