Sunday, April 8, 2012

BLAZING OBSCURITY Supports Worldwide Cassette Tape Domination - BRAND-NEW RELEASES OUT NOW!

BO - 007 - DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION (BEL) - PISS, BLOOD, DESTRUCTION - RITUAL DESECRATION 2010 - DEMO 2011 - 500 copies: Black/Thrash Attack with Perversity and Violence driving the whole concept! DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION is a good dose of audio punishment, bursting with violent intensity and unpredictability, making use of angular black thrash base and punkish rhythms, thus you pretty much have an idea for what it sounds like. DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION features former ENTHRONED (BEL) front man on bass!

BO - 008 - TERRORAMA (SWE) - CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY - DEMO 2011 - 500 copies: Certainly a solid, skilfully-constructed Swedish black-thrash offering that will appeal to a variety of  extreme old-school metal as well as to fans of say NIFELHEIM (SWE) and early MERCILESS (SWE).  A mixture found somewhere in between old-school thrash and 80's black metal. Think the 80's; think Brazil, eastern Europe and Germany and you might be able to mentally approach what they're all about.

Both available on professionally printed coloured tapes. Get yours for only $7 each or both for $12 (registered airmail included). Payment options are WELL HIDDEN CASH on a REGISTERED envelope or PAYPAL at Trades are always welcome but write first!

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