Friday, February 15, 2013

More bands succumbed to the worldwide cassette tape domination!

Continuing with the tape onslaughts BLAZING OBSCURITY proudly give you an advance of what is to burst in the coming months. Starting with a duel between AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR (SWE) and ASSAILANT (CRI) entitled  CRUSHED BY TYRANNY + BONUS / DEMO 1. A match that might be odd to some at first but when you get your copy you will feel the rush of energy flowing through your veins. Two uprising metal bands that deserved to be supported!
The other gem that will be unleashed soon is none other than GAROTED (US), a death metal band from Beatrice, Nebraska formed in 2007. Young? yes! Wasting time? Hell no! They have released a demo in 2009, full length album titled ‘Praise Hate, Praise Murder, Praise the Beast’ in 2010 and an EP titled ‘Evil Personified’ in 2011. We have the honor to be allowed to release their sophomore VISIONS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION full length! Both releases are being cooked as we speak but check out the samples at their respective listening channels and get a sip of how they are going to look like.


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