Thursday, July 25, 2013

Multiple new titles on TAPE /EP format have arrived!

We have just received copies of the following killer releases in case you are interested:
SADISTIC RITUAL - HELLISH MERCENARY - EP - 2013 - $7: BORIS RECORDS latest offering. The lashing guitar attacks bound by the blackened outer limits of thrash, dissonance, and screaming tempos in "Neurotoxin" erupt with so much skull-rattling speed and intensity that it threatens to rip itself apart at every searing riff. And what the song "Hellish Mercenary" packs onto vinyl only hints at the blitzkrieg behind the band's songs when they're played live. Limited to 300 copies. Black Vinyl.
DISFIGUREMENT - ABYSS OF HATRED - EP - 2013 - $7: Another BORIS RECORDS offering. Pummeling brutal Death Metal from down under spiced up with musical brilliance, particularly, excellent guitar proficiency. This will quench your thirst for quality death metal! 
SABBAT - DARKNESS AND EVIL OVER BARCELONA!!! - TAPE - $7: Co-released by NEXUS  INNSPILLINGER, HIERRO FORJADO and GRAVE RITUAL PRODS. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. Recorded at Sala Casino on 17/06/2008, El Prat de Llobregat (Catalonia). Typical Thrash/Black madness in the well-known SABBAT style!
BESTIAL HORDES - NUCLER METAL LUST - TAPE - $7: Released under NEXUS  INNSPILLINGER. Rabid Black/Thrash from Malaysia, five violent and perverse hymns including a ripping cover version of the mighty BATHORY! Limited to 200 blood red TAPES!
DEMONIC WAR - BLANDIENDO EL METAL DEL DIABLO - TAPE - $7: Released under NEXUS INNSPILLINGER. Spanish Apocalyptic Death/Black. Limited to 300 copies.   

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